Sunday, July 17, 2005

Coola Closing - Lessons Learnt Summary

The lessons I learnt from my first startup Coola are lots.

I am surprised that I learn even today from some advices that I did not follow then, but they come back to me with their full meaning now as I am working on my next startup. My advisor Paul English helped me focus on team building from a startup perspective and pushed me towards being aggressive to find any all players evolvng in the Palm space to hire smart individuals or co-opt with other startups closer to Coola. I understand the value of that more today as I advice some startups more though I followed the advice and built the smart Palm technology team possible at that times.

I'll tell you more on this with specifics as they apply to you, the emerging enterprenuer later.

I learned a lot from just the closing experience. Here's an article sumamrizing my Coola lessons learnt.

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