Tuesday, October 03, 2006

What makes entreprenuers in a market

I was traveling in India on vacation during summer and saw a buzz of entreprenuership.

It makes me wonder what makes entreprenuers? Are they always there? Is there a market condition that creates them? Well, I believe it will help us as entreprenuers to understand that to find and nourish the entreprenuer in us.

I have written before that I always thought of myself as an entreprenuer even as I worked in big companies.

I still believe in an entreprenurial personality - ready to take the risk, self-motivated to push oneself to limits of our capabilities, ambitious but methodical and ready to work hard to reach that new vision or dream.

I saw and made friends with fellow- entreprenuers as the web boom took off in 95 in US. Then, I believed they came to solve problems, as we could see new ways to solve problems with the advent of the web. So they created businesses cutting through inefficient business layers producing valuable savings for customers.

Now, I can't say that for India. Problems were waiting to be solved always. I know of many entreprenurial personalities all around me even in earlier times.

What dawned to me as new is the liquidity of money and free markets. I write about it here because I see the distinction between the time we wakeup with an idea to when we start calling our ideas as a "business". I have had many ideas. I have even built web systems and launched to users for fun, and never took it to the next step many years before my startup Coola.

I don't want to sound touchy-feely, but I think the main difference is in the confidence of the entreprenuer that he or she can raise money to make it a business. That confidence creates the market full of businesses. Liquidity of money, rather our access to us, makes us the entrepreneur we are all born and waiting to become.

This explains the recent boom of startups with VCs creating liquidity for their monies which was waiting through the slow downtimes of 2001-2003.

Does this mean that there is a good market timing to start companies, well, I believe the best time for you is when you are ready.


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