Monday, April 16, 2007

Web 2.O Community Roundtable (Web2Open)

I am at the community roundtable of Web2Open, the barcamp inside Web2.0 led by Tara Hunt all day.

Very smart, open people, including Eric of bloglog.

I can't do justice to the whole event as its been going on from 10 am till 5pm.

What defines a comunity's success?
Scale, about being awesome, keeping community happy.

Nice disussion about Citizen participation community, NGO model. Real metric is how many times we are pushing people into real world.

Summary by everyone is about
- how great it is to have an open honest discussion about community building online,
- re-affirmed about their belief about trusting your community,
- been part of online communities and now world is open to it, challenge how all communities can co-exist and open source where its going
- learning the difference between what B-school taught about market and community and real communities by today's discussions
- Cool thought! Imagine a s set of tools that would enable a community to form + move across the net (Community registration by scott).
- Comparison of geek community (barcamp LA compared to Miami)
- a user walked in by accident, wowed! compared to bloggercon
- passionate person from LA inviting people to LA, will host a geek event. (The Purple Tornado)
- glad people are still talking about it and making it better.
- a user watched the community roundtable online,
- involved mac, tech and sports communities.
- Dave winer scripting news summarized the keynote for us.


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