Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Web2.0 Aquisition spree and Google Dev Day

Fox Interactive buys Photobucket for $300M, Ebay buys Stumbleupon for $75M all cash (according to techcrunch), CBS buys for $280M all in 1 day! Wonder who Y! is talking for acquisition, cyworld maybe?

All these aquisitions are valued on consumer user numbers, wonder how many overlap.

Personally I don't see these as bubbles or consolidations, but the competitive market is heating up and all the big players are looking for strategic advantage with the supported user base, so good technology is in and user numbers is the validation.

I am heading to Google Developers Day today, which has been moved to San Jose Convention Center to hold 5000 people where Google will announce Google gears and they are smart to have it available for Mac (yay!)


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