Tuesday, June 17, 2008

DEMO Party tonite! Yay!

I am working on a project called "DEMO Stories" collecting real DEMO conference experience of alums to help new entrepreneurs. This goes on the DEMO Facebook Fan page. We have video interviews of Woody Benson and Julie O'Grady and podcasts in a yodio file there.

I am a DEMO alum from 2000 and have since taken two companies to DEMO, one as VP Marketing in Fall07, and another as startup advisor in DEMO08 . I blogged about last year's DEMO party.

Tonite is the 2008 DEMO Alum party in San Francisco! 600 people have signed up. You can follow DEMOtweets or watchout for the Qik live video streaming I plan to do for you!

If you are at the party and have a DEMO story as an entrepreneur, VC or Corporate Development person, I'd love to chat with you.

We have couple interns in Boston and Bay Area and can always add more if you want to do some DEMO story interviews anywhere in the world.

See you tonite.


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