Saturday, March 17, 2012

Top 3 of 5 Metrics to Measure Social Business Success

Businesses are struggling with how to evaluate the effectiveness of their social media campaigns and several social media activities. Currently, most companies are using a variety of metrics to measure diverse campaigns across multiple departments.  There are five metrics that accurately measure success in terms of ROI and revenues from social media for all enterprises, both big and small, B2B and consumer web, and across multiple geographies.

I recently blogged on Gigaom about 3 of the 5 metrics to measure Business success. 

I have outlined the issue with measuring this metric and interviewed some industry expert on what is the best practice today to arrive at each metric.

I need your valuable input now!

I am beginning the part 2 blog to outline the remaining two metrics.

I find that social media permeates businesses across all channels and we all have our view of it from our different corporate functions. In the end we all make money for our businesses while serving our customers and staying within ethical boundaries of the company and our own values.

So I find it fascinating at the discussions I got on the blog comments and Twitter on what people think about the remaining two metrics.

 Read on and let me know what your thoughts are about what the other Top 2 metrics should be.

Also, let me know if you or someone you know should be interviewed for the Part 2 blog post.



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