Monday, November 16, 2015

My new Stanford Course - Building a Successful Business with Mobile and Internet of Things

I am excited as I am building out the curriculum for my new in-campus course I am getting ready to teach at Stanford Continuing Studies Program for adults.
The course is called "Building a Successful Business with Mobile and Internet of Things" (registration starts on Nov 30 2015)

This course is for Entrepreneurs and Product Managers to learn -

With a Case study approach:
  • How to take a Technology innovation and make it into a business
  • Breaking down IoT Products as Business Applications.
  • Opportunity to build an IoT Product understanding Customer Experience for an IoT
  • Strategic thinking to tie product roadmap to business strategy
  • Develop a strategic approach to extend a business using Mobile and/or IoT

Look for updates on the guest speakers and the mini-case studies I'll be sharing shortly. If you would like to get my IoT case studies as I prepare for the course and book you are welcome to signup here

I'd love to hear your questions/thoughts if you are a prospective student considering this course or if you have passion in this topic and have ideas of case studies I should include in this program or my upcoming print book "The Internet of Things Business Primer".

-- Sudha


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