Thursday, April 15, 2010

Chirp Twitter Conf Roundup - Day2

I am here Day2 of Chirp, Twitter Conference, hackday.

Ambience - Open letting developers rule
Chirp is organized by Carsonified who organizes FOWA and is the king of the event experience - All geek, open, free setup to hack and network!

Cool Developers from All Around the World

Twitter celebrities Parr, Scoble, Jodi Dell, Laura Pistachio of @oneforty ...

Event @jot of Devnet Uk, @vanriper of SVJUG, Steve Broback @broback ....

Top developers Twittelator Andrew Stone, Twitpic Noaheverett, @twitsnaps, @Rodney Rumford of Tweetphotos, Adarsh Pallian of NY, from Philly, Fb developers with cool apps all hacking on twitter apis, Jodi of Peoplebrowser, cotweet @kyle ....

Evangelists from PayPal, Linkedin, British Telecom Kevinmarks are all hobnobbing here.

There are about 500 geeks here, about 250 have been hacking head down.

Creative release:

One guy decided to gather together to draw something for creative release. Wait till you see the picture of video (will update once its uploaded)

Finale Demos:

117 demos were launched within this hackday, 7 are demoing on stage to Merissa Mayer, @blippy @pg Paul Graham critiquing them.

1. @mhp on stage demoing Tweet AGORA Iphone app, all abt filters mute hashtags

2. @
Twitterlator shows top Ipad App demo, here from Alberque, NM

3. Twitpic Noaheverett, @twitsnaps, @Rodney Rumford of Tweetphotos are all here from twitter photo companies and here launched crowdreel a new app hacked and has 19Mil photos within 2 weeks.

4. Tap11 - Google Analytics for Realtime web.

5. Sonicliving - started all at 2am last night and build app integrating music from everywhere shared by your social graph.

ps: I have videos and pictures which I'll upload and update here later , folks.


Twitter team everywhere and accessible

They did sessions on OAuth, @Anywhere, Scala, Streaming API, but most important is they listened chatted and engaged with developers all day long. That just summarizes it.


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