Sunday, April 18, 2010

IpadDevCamp takes over my world

I have been lucky to be working with the organizers of the IPadDevCamp as they planned to bring 400 awesome developers to PayPal campus for a community driven innovation this weekend.

We got started 6 weeks back and I spent time building out the PayPal team supporting this event optimized to get our campus to support 1000 concurrent wifi connections, to make 400 geeks feel comfortable for hacking and our Mobile team and evangelists plan a session about PayPal Mobile embedded Payments.

On friday Apr 16th, 400 developers arrived, brainstormed ideas, formed teams and began developing apps.

All Saturday they coded and built app. The team energy and raw brainpower was amazing. We could see the hope of new ideas forming.

Its been fun, *lot* of hard work, very humbling to learn and to be surrounded by such smart minds and inspiring to see such amazing creativity all around me.

We had good keynotes. Among the logistics running around, I got to hear only Larry Tesler. He said something that seems to resonate well as I see the demos live now.

The Ipad is not a big Iphone and the developer aware of the difference can build different applications for each and become a winner of this space.

I am sitting now watching the demos live. They have been 54 new apps that are launching now.

Awesome apps ranging from social games with multiple users using 3-4 Ipads simultaneously, eg. Ipad Slot Machine, Whack a mouse, unique use of Ipad for variety of disabilities, and lots of opensource code on github.

So much legacy as people built upon their work from past IphoneDevCamps. Nice!

List of apps that launched this weekend:
Photo Buffet HD
Kidney eGFR Estimator
P.A.D. = Personal Armour and Defense
LoopTek Morning NewsPaper
Netflix Actors
Calculator Paddy
iPad Slot Machine
Magic Window
Tank or Die
Autumn Gem
Whorl'd Champions
SpOT - Specialized Optical Tool
Tick Tock Push
Popic: Web Images in Spotlight
West Seattle Herald
Seller Dashboard
Un-Bored Game
Whack A Mouse
Muse messager
British Accent Training
City Church
muse ontology tr3
Readability Browser
Whack A Mouse

Congratulation everyone! I work for this feeling of hope with community driving innovation, bonding and building out a full conference and solve real problems and sharing to create giant shoulders for others to build more solutions!

Thanks to Dom, Colin, Christopher, Colin, and their volunteers for the long hours, planning, mentoring and passion for the I


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