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Friday, April 08, 2016

Countdown to World #IoTDay April 9th 2016 and my foray in Radio Shows and Podcasts

Leading up to April 9th,  the world is buzzing with IoT events educating people about IoT, engaging in conversations sharing progress made and exposing where are the gaps to create the promise from IoT.
The EU IoT Council (where I am a member) a closed  think-tank IoT thought leadership group, started IoT day five years back to encourage people to come together in small groups to exchange ideas, educate, develop standards and build out the IoT ecosystem.
I am used to keynoting at conferences charged by the energy of the audience. I decided to try something different with the onset of IoT Day - online radio, podcasts, webinars where I have to listen and engage the audience without seeing them. Its been a fun!

1.  I joined as a guest at the radio show SoSoShow with Ken and Carol. You can listen to the episode where I talked about IoT here. (This is "What is IoT and whats the future discussion' for social media listeners)

2. VoiceAmerica Business Channel Talk Radio with Bonnie Graham

The show was about "Internet of Things with Game Changers"

Bonnie is amazing and drives the conversation to keep up the charge in the air.

Topic: Higher Education and Digital Transformation: Impacting Business and Lives

Guests were Dr. Vince Kellen the Senior Vice Provost, Analytics and Technologies at the University of Kentucky, Puneet Suppal, IoT Evangelist of SAP and yours truly!

Listen to the radio show podcast here (For educators, IoT and AI enthusiasts)

3. April 6 2016 : Brightalk Webinar with Natascha Thomson

We talk about data from IoT devices and so many possibilities but Marketers haven't joined the IoT party. Yet. Today we had an open honest conversation on whether IoT was hype or real. Guess what was my answer. Yes and No.
Its part hype because everything is bucketized as IoT and there are many areas of IoT with some growing slowing with challenges of privacy, security and lack of standards. Some areas have already taken off with ROI like Industrial IoT and others innovating and getting there such as Connected Cars and Digital Health driven by Wearables.

Listen to the webinar here (This is demystifying IoT for Marketers)

Natascha summarized the tweetchat of the webinar here
JC Giraldo, one of my listeners pleasantly surprised me with the summary of the webinar learning as a post here.


Coming Up Next:

Checkout the full calendar of IoTDay events in your country/city.

Friday April 8th 10am PT - I am doing a Tweetchat about "Everything IoT"  tomorrow with the Omnipresent Ken Herron hosted by Level3. You can join us by following us at @Level3Now, me at @sujamthe or ken @kenherron and tweet questions using the hashtag #IoTDayChat
Friday April 8th 11am PT - I am going to do a Skype presentation into the Healthcathon in Brno, CZ to present Digital Health Disruptions. Event  details (written in Czech) is in here. Thanks to Damir Čaušević for organizing, inviting me and his never-ending, contagious, entrepreneurial optimism.

Last but not the least,I am working on a surprise IoT Show global series to cover IoT scene round the global on April 9th. Shhh! I can't tell you more yet. But will soon!

Till then! Happy #IoTDay

Sudha Jamthe is the Stanford instructor of the first IoT Business course and the author of three IoT books in the 'IoT Disruptions' series. She researches IoT space with her weekly "The IoT Show" and develops IoT case studies which she shares on her mailing list. Tweet her at @sujamthe
Sudha loves shaping new technology ecosystems,  helping businesses drive Digital Business Transformations and has a deep passion for mentoring and developing leaders. Her aspiration is a limitless world.
Opinions are mine, unless you want to own them.

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