Sunday, April 10, 2016

IoT Day Many Many IoT Shows, 5 hrs 15 countries, My Labor of Love for you!

 You know my love of video and meeting and drawing inspiration from many global people.  Here I share my latest project for IoTDay 2016. I've recorded  ~5 hrs of IoT Shows covering 16 countries with video interviews and bring you IoT landscape from around the world.

Watch all my IoT Shows HERE (Top right link to IoT Show archives

I have an IoT Show for - France, Germany, Serbia, India, East Africa, Boston, Oulu Finland, Columbia, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Portugal, Turkey. A couple more videos are still being processed.
I am amazed by the diversity of IoT area focus but the common faith in IoT, innovating startups and trust in each local country.
Rob van Kranenburg, EU IoT Council Founder, put IoT Day 2016 in perspective sharing his experience skyping in an intro to the Isfahan ioT Conference. You can see his video at the top of the IoT Show page.
"We all begin to see that #iot is horizontal and generic and its value should be harvested locally even hyperlocally in better cooperation between humans, animalsn machines and the enviroment - Rob van Kranenburg"
Today I skyped into IoT Day Healthackathon in Czech to present Digital Health Disruptions and IoT Day Swedan to present Future of IoT and have more video showing amazing entrepreneurial innovations to process and upload.

Global Observations:
Fascinating to see the same IoT tech implemented in diff parts of the world differently.
Germany has John Deer autonomous tractors doing precision farming, while Columbia has smart farming for coffee farms and Serbia has similar Smart farming for beets.
Each is a labor of love of startups, real customer adoption and solving for reach problems. Each environment is different with varying levels of support to startups.
There's more autonomous vehicles already in use in industries.

Watch Taiwan IoT Show as it compares how China is adopting IoT so different privacy cultural attitudes that won't work in Europe or US.

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