Monday, September 08, 2008

demofall day 1 live blog

Chris had a creative colorful welcome by stick figures dancing which is part of demo tradition.
She gave a very eloquent summary of where the info tech world is moving. Web1.o as we all know it, web2.0 which is transactional web, social web, and now coming up the distributed web.

Trying to get part1 of her keynote video to youtube.

This is followed by cool demos.I am doing a tweet of startups I find exciting. I am trying to blog, tweet, check my iphone if a demoer has an app and also take video all at once, so you are better off by just watching my friendfeed or demos' official friendfeed

Cool demos - gloop - peer to peer photo sharing, ffwd=web meets tv, ioSAN fast storage for IT,, bluelave technologies, paperless pens etc etc etc, all cool stuff.


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