Tuesday, September 16, 2008

VLAB event - Lifestreaming panel by Kara Swisher with Friendfeed's Bret and Seesmic Loic Le Meur (updated)

I plan to blog live and capture some video with my flip at tonight's event.
update: No wifi in Standford B-school for vlab, so no live blog, sorry!

Friendfeed and Seesmic in the same panel and with Kara Swisher as the moderator, must be fun!

I am friendfeed fan and user and I love the video conversation idea of Seesmic.

I did a post about feedwars in summer, as facebook has all my friends and feeds me update every day but within a private setting as compared to friendfeed. Now with facebook connect feeds, what is friendfeed's positioning? Their rooms concept is comparable to Seesmic's channels (they don't call them channels, what is it?)

Where are we going with livestreaming? Oh I wish my iphone would do Qik without a jailbreak!

Kara Swisher, Co-Executive Editor, All Things Digital, Wall Street Journal

Bret Taylor, Co-founder, FriendFeed
Loic Le Meur, Founder, Seesmic
Jeff Clavier, Founder, Softtech VC
Leah Culver, Co-founder, Pownce

See you there!

Update: The panel was fun. Lot of discussion about the future of real time sharing on the web.
Bret Taylor of Friendfeed is so sincere and committed to build a fundamental long-term business.

Seesmic looks more interesting to me after hearing the entertaining and smart ceo Loic Le Muer who is super active on twitter.

Also the fact that Seesmic integrates into friendfeed now is cool..

I took lots of video, most turned out to be greater than 100MB which is youtube's limit. Kara cracked up her moderator whip and get everyone focused on their b-model, what they have learnt as entrepreneurs with her quick wit and kept us on our seats.

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