Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rich Miner at Mobilize08 keynote now - state of mobile space and Android open platform

Blogging live from Mobilize08 now!
Rich Miner keynote on mobile industry landscape going on now!

My quick live summary:

He first set the stage of whats new, why industry is at a tipping point.
- iphone launch, Android announcement, new wave of openness.

Next he talks about his experience at Orange as a developer and Orange ventures and addresses the challenges:

  • app signing for each carrier, each network
  • jave programming is fragmented for app dveloper,
  • rev share deals for carriers is each different and time consuming for app
  • developers.
  • diff between native apps on phones vs java app of developer cannot talk to each other.Why mobile isimportent

Why is Mobile important?
3Bil mobile phone users worldwide, 1 Bil in US for Google to reach its vision.

Then he talks about Android Framework
- Linux Kernal
-Navtive apps can talk to third party app with seamless integration.
- power to developers - long tail of internet now brought to mobile space
- lessons for carriers to think differently to monetize using ads and micropayments and not build walls around content

I feel nostalgic from my first startup Coola experience as we built a device agnostic mobile middleware to connect apps on mobile to web services, we built on Palm Os and added CE client in 2000. Wish Android existed then!

The most interesting part of this talk is his simplicity at expressing the power of Android as the power of developers and the promise to make Android opensource eventually.