Saturday, February 23, 2008

Facebook Hype or Optimism? Just look in the right place

Robert Scoble wrote today "Is facebook doomed? following a blog post from Rory Cellan-Jones

Robert has two complaints, one that he cannot add new friends because he has reached the max of 4999 users. We all saw it happen so quickly and Robert had a ball with his notifications and blog posts and Posted Items Shared.

You have an easy solution, Robert, unfriend some friends who you just don't remember who they are and those you will not remember if you see them in person, that should free up more friending option! You can always add them later if you meet them again and realize you care to keep them as friends.

As for Facebook stopping too much messaging, let the complaining user's friend create a group and share his actual grievance and see if his friends on facebook support him. Facebook is a democratic place and they have checks and balance to respect our privacy and stopping spam.

Now to the Nay sayers!!!

1. Facebook is still fun and growing, for students and for older crowd who is joining daily.

2. Its common to see new people who hear about the facebook hype signup and fumble around with poke, wall, tons of App request and look for something tangible and useful to do. These people take a while to figure out how to change their preference to the privacy setting they want, turn off emails from facebook Apps and groups and try to spam notifications on all their friends by trying out everything all too quickly.

But most of them settle down and appreciate the beauty of "just being you online", connecting with old friends, finding simple ways to nudge an old connection or even learn more about friends they already have. They figure out the right way to enjoy facebook by making it a part of their online access points to their real world without spending all day on facebook.

If the hype is dying from Media, maybe it will help all newcomers to come and enjoy this settling process more elegantly.

3. Facebook is not going to become dull as long hundreds of thousands of developers love it and believe in it and are busy chugging along expensing their creativity to learn what works and make new Apps with lots of hopes an dreams. Its like Google Ads where a whole SEO industry was created and everyone who did not get results went wondering how to get smarter than the other guy who seems to get the users.

If you really want to understand if Facebook users continue to love it, you need to be at Weekend apps this weekend at Santa Clara. There are a whole bunch of new developers trying to come up with new facebook apps, old timers sharing their experience of what works and what doesn't, instant reviews of viral plays for new apps that are going to go live today!

Its startup energy, theres optimism, and it is going to create fresh content for facebook and lets sit back, relax and enjoy the new apps notifications, viral invites and more spam (if you wan to call it that by not setting your preference right) to shower upon us in the next week or so.

You never know, the killer App for facebook is still waiting to happen!

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