Sunday, February 17, 2008

Silicon Valley Events coming up rest of Feb 2008

I've been meaning to blog about various events in the valley from my experience in the past year in the web2.0/Social spaces. Thats gotto wait, as its too big a project!

Let me share my excitement about upcoming events in the next week which will be worth your time.

Jason Alba, co-author of "I am on Facebook, What's Next" is visiting the valley this week. He speaks about Facebook in some events and also about linkedin based on his prior book on that topic in some event.

Here is his speaking calendar for the week.

I love the SNAP Summit and SNAP Chats, image having Jason Alba in a SNAP Chat. Thats what is waiting for you on Monday 18th in SFO . Details here!

On Feb 22nd, theres a cool event called "WeekendApps", where you meetup on friday nite and come back Sat and Sunday and are guided to build a facebook App within the week, pretty Cool, eh? Its a free event. Details are at

Eweek at Stanford starts on Feb 22nd and you can find interesting speakers and really learn if you are into entrepreneurship (not just facebook topics). Details here!

Have a great week!

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