Sunday, February 24, 2008

WeekendApps Sunday Nite Cool Demos

Waleed and Tyler were impressed by "Stanford Apps Launch Nite" and got inspired to start Weekend Apps and have done an amazing job.

Bunch of people got together and built many Facebook Apps from friday nite to launch now on Sunday @ 8pm. You can goto @ to vote for the winner tonite., another winner is the App that gets max number of users in 1 week.

Today I gave a brief presentation about Facebook App Monetization followed by a panel discussion on micropayments. (my talk is below, I'll try and get the panel video online soon). There was also a cool presentation by Lee Lorenson who was a sponsor of this event. (I hope someone captured that talk, I was busy listening).

I am blogging live demo of Apps built this weekend now!

1. Deface a Baby - Tyler and Shawn, the name says it.

Cool tech piece is they added a "Share on facebook" which adds a bookmarket.

2. Tyler launched "Lessig for Congress" on friday.

3. Pikipages by Tony Zuccarino, Juan Pinzon, Paul Acevedo, Murray Low - A Drag and Drop Wall for Facebook, can drag and drop from web (say Flickr) or from anywhere on Facebook, resize, arrange creatively, add background, embed any media, allow friends to edit this and it shows on your profile.

Its super cool, but what I like best is that its open and can be viewed by friends who are not on facebook, or who have added this app., thats truly letting the users decide how cool it is without forcing a viral play on them.

4. Matchastic - Jeff Roberts , started on friday and coded all weekend in Cool matchmaking app, flirt in realtime, with stalkers, cool feature loaded.

5. OH SNAP! - Team of 10 guys, all met at weekend Apps. Real success story of this weekend App concept! Its about managing your facebook photo albums, keeping it fresh in photo page, with built in viral tagging and newsfeeds.

6. Peace Quiz by Standford Persuasive Technology Lab led by B.J Fogg learnt to use platform and use this as a template for future.

7. Hitchhiker Hookup - Bill, Jake, Tony, Ellie and Andy. Came together on friday, way to meet new people from social graph. Go from point A to B and meet people, cash in points for real vacation. I voted for this one, very promising.

8. ASPECTS by the cool team of Suling Yee, Aihui Ong, Nick Urban, James Ream. This app shows the world the different aspects of your life, your skills and your interests. This app allows people to add icons to their profile to show their hobbies, skills and interests. (updated feb 29 thanks Aihui Ong :))

9. Spring Break - Andy and friend John (from San Diego), App lets you meet new friends and gives you a relaxation for the week with a virtual spring week. I like this App.

10. Send Artist - Paint me a Picture request to friends by David Amusin. Can buy a poster of the combined work on an affiliate's web site

11. Blogs I Read - by Waleed Abdulla's App, cool to show what blogs we ready, sorted by blogs so you can discover new blogs that your friends read or common blog interests you share with friends. I am going to add this blog, so if you are on facebook and a regular to this blog, do add it and rate it, ok? I love mybloglog on the web, I can see myself using this one.


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