Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Moved to Silicon Valley

I have a request for feedback from users of this blog:

After 14 yrs in Boston, building Internet groups for large companies and my own startup Coola, I have embarked on a new entrepreneurial exercise - I decided to pretend I am a kid out of school and just packed up and moved to Bay Area.

I plan to blog my exploration of silicon valley here.

In Boston, Boston Computer Society welcomed me and offered me a chance to start the Web Group in 1996. I write the Startup Diary Column for India New England, I network and meet so many friends at several groups, I am a Venture Mentor at MIT.

Everything seems larger and crowded in order of magnitude in the valley.

The exercise to find my place here seems very much like when I started Coola and found my place in the startup ecosystem.

I visited Vineet Buch, a VC from BlueRun Ventures, who I met at a local event called "Plug and Play Web 2.0" to get a feel for where to start checking out the valley. Vineet is an investor at Riya and Like.com and thinks like an entrepreneur. More on that visit soon.

I have a dilemma now and need your feedback users!
I updated this blog template to include mybloglog to show recent readers and also for every post I make to this blog, blogger (of Google, who hosts this blog) which has changed to a new version seems to email the entire blog (not just my recent post) to all feedburner subscribers.

I'll contact blogger and hopefully they should fix it soon. So my question to you is whether I should continue here or move this blog to wordpress.org . Please email or comment here, appreciate your time.

If we transition, I want to make it as easy as possible for you readers! Thanks and Regards :-) Sudha