Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My new print book "The Internet of Things Business Primer" is live

Yes! Labor of love of the whole year!  This is the first business book about Internet of Things (IoT)

I have included 19 case studies to share best practices about how to build a successful IoT business.

I am blessed by the Foreword by Brian Solis and Epilogue by Rob Van Den Kranenburg of EU IoT Council.

I have organized this book into five parts. See below to get a feel for what is included in this book to make it the definitive source about how to build an IoT business either a new one or to extend an existing business.

This book is organized into five parts.

Part I covers the strategic approach to building an IoT Business from a technology idea.  This section is particularly important for Product Strategists and Product Managers. It covers how to extend an existing business using IoT or create a new business. You will also learn to optimize the Customer Experience across multi-device customer touch points.

Part II offers an in-depth look at Internet of Things applications ranging from consumer applications such as wearables, smart cities and connected cars to industrial and manufacturing applications. This is a methodical discussion of challenges and best practices in building and launching IoT applications with case studies of current IoT Businesses. In this section, you will also learn what is ‘Machine to Machine’ (M2M).

Part III covers disruptive innovations from Internet of Things across industries and the evolving best practices of value creation. In this section you will get an in-depth analysis about top three industries healthcare, retail and education. We will look at proximity sensors (Beacons) and the difference between Beacon deployment standards for iOS and Android and a case study on the application of beacons by several global retailers in stores, malls and airports. Finally you will be introduced to innovative disruptions impacting product brochures and education industries making the transition from paper to electronics using IoT to bridge the gap.

Part IV will cover technologies that make up the IoT ecosystem that have a strategic impact on the business you build. I cover Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Data Science and how value is created from IoT data. This is a fast growing area of IoT adoption and you will learn methods as well as data applications that you could apply to your business.

Part V is about the future of IoT. First we start with a section on IoT jobs. Then, I will share mind-blowing examples that are pushing the human machine boundary with the merger of IoT and Artificial Intelligence and affective computing. I will cover Bio Payments and Augmented reality. I hope you derive inspiration as much as knowledge from this section.

If this book is for you, I'll appreciate if you can share a review on Amazon. If not please share it on Twitter or LinkedIn or Good Reads to others who will benefit from this.