Thursday, September 30, 2010

Social Media for Business by Michael Brito @britopian at Ebay Social Media Council

Michael Brito is here as our guest speaker at Ebay Social Media Council. Here is my summary of interesting learning from the talk about "Social media for business".

How do you make your customer that you listen to them?

Be Authentic - we are authentic with our families, with our kids teachers, with neigbors. We need to bring that authenticity to the online world.

How to make a brand believable?

Stay engaged with your customer, that is key to make your brand believable. Ebay is No.3 in Altimeter's Top 10 brands measuring breadth and depth within the social web.

Purchase Funnel is changing with Social Media

The traditional purchase funnel is linear - awareness

If you love your customers, they will love you and tell others. Focus on your advocates more than influencers, they love your brand and tell others.

Crowdsource and listen to customer to build product/brand

Starbucks splashstick was a crowdsourced customer developers product. GM canceled a car they were designing based on user's feedback.

Intel did Ajay Bhatt (founder of USB), was surprised to see users wanted a tshirt seen in the background, moved fast ran a global contest and gave away those tshirts and built Intel Advocates. Smart! Nice success story of how they built brand advocacy by listening to users.

Advice I got and loved from this talk:

Build a Social media council with cross functional teams across marketing, pr, community, legal to build process, infrastructure and governance to scale social media inside the company. It requires a lot of conversation and collaboration across groups inside the company. It helps when top management gets it and makes social a top mandate in the company