Saturday, April 02, 2011

Social listening for Product Managers from Silicon Valley PCamp

I was happy to be immersed by smart product managers all day long with awesome sessions and learning.

My panel was called "Social Media Listening for Product Managers". I hosted this along with Stephanie Shum, Yahoo! Mail Product Manager and Van Riper of Google.

Below is the slide deck we shared.

Here is my learning from Pcamp and my session:

1. Yahoo uses to gather feedback from existing customer base of 270Mil users with 5/7 PMs listening.
2. You listen and then decide how you prioritize the features.
3. Social Media listening tools are evolving, people are hungry for such tools so they can filter around specific products.
4. I met PMs from many companies and it is a real issue that the company has to be ready to be transparent from the highest level.
5. I am pleasantly surprised to hear about Tweetchats, how several people are hosting tweetchats and learn about tools for it.

Cindy Solomon hosts weekly Product Manager Talks weekly over Twitter at 4pm pst. Follow her at @prodmgmtalk She co-hosts this with her host from Australia and is developing the science behind Tweetchats for companies.
I also learned about Twitter chat
for B2B marketers Use hashtag #B2BChat @B2B_Chat . Check it out weeklty thursdays at 5pm pst.

It was good to see all the local community and product management influencers.

Thanks to the tweetwall by @socialping we could engage the larger community via Twitter.