Thursday, July 07, 2016

Is IoT Leading to Business Disruptions from Robots, Drones and Bots?

The growth in Internet of Things is leading us to a new technology wave. This one is about Machine Learning applications with Robots, Drones and Algorithms. Do you see it as hype or new innovations in AI showing promise? It all depends on how you look at it!

As a technology futurist, I am ever excited about the next new wave in tech but what grounds me is my focus on where are the business opportunities to innovate, create jobs and business growth.

I presented a paper "The Frontier of Business Applications with Robots, Drones and Algorithms" at the The 6th International Congress on “Interdisciplinary Research and Development for Sustainability” co-hosted by the Royal Society of Thailand and the Interdisciplinary Foundation for Research and Development (INRIT 2016) Bangkok, Thailand on July 6th 2016. Below is my video on demand presentation of my talk. If you are interested, I am happy to get you a copy of the full paper too.

I am intrigued by the promise but also cautious about what is the real state of this technology with evolving machine learning algorithms and new applications of autonomous machines and bots.

Will you join me on my research journey?

I am embarking on new research to explore this topic of new business disruptions from Robots, Drones and Bots.

Next week, I am speaking on "How the Business Disruptions from IoT is leading to the next wave of growth from AI " at the IoT Evolution Conference in Caesar Palace, Las Vegas on July 13th as the 11am keynote.

Come say hello if you are at IoT Evolution. Here's a free pass.

What are Business Applications of Robots, Drones and Bots?

Robots can become self driving cars or truck platoons disrupting transportation. They can come in miniature size as nanobots inside our bodies to cure diseases.They can be used in dangerous places such as landmines and war zones.  Drones can fly and swim to delivery medicines in Rwanda such as the ones from Zipline. They can become hydroswams and look for pipeline leaks and save lives. They can swim with dolphins to help us study them. Or can become one of my favorites, the "Of course I love You" drone to help land satellites from SpaceX.
Bots make our lives efficient by doing mundane jobs such as scheduling done by Amy my AI Admin, or help us with travel or shopping.
Did you hear about the student who developed a legal bot that talked her way out of traffic tickets or the one who created a resume bot.

Three important considerations

Innovators shaping this automation economy need to make sure to look at the social impact of the human machine interface and use right training data without biases to feed the algorithms that drives these bots to be fair and equitable to keep up the global human values of the fabric of the civilized world.
As always I'd love to hear your opinions, experiences and innovations in comments below.
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