Monday, November 07, 2016

Introducing Machinebots: Interviews with Intelligent Machines

I am done talking to people about intelligent machines. Starting today I am going to interview intelligent machines directly.

Introducing Machinebots, my new YouTube channel!!!

I chatted with Alexa (Amazon Echo) and the new launched Google Home. Check it out. #Funny.

I wrote two different blog posts about Google Home launch and the home IoT device.

On LinkedIn I wrote " Machinebots: Google Home Meet Alexa" reviewing Google Home as a product comparing with Amazon Echo.

Comparison of Alexa Amazon Echo and Google Home

For those curious tech addicts, here is my comparison of the two -
  1. Play Remote music: Google Home can play anything on a remote speaker within the home network. However, you cannot use Google Home as a standard Bluetooth speaker.
  2. Control home devices: Both offer easy ways to connect to partner devices so we can control our lights and other devices using Voice. Google Home connects to Chromecast so we can ask her to play or stop a video on a remote device, say a TV in a kid’s room.
  3. 3rd Party Developer Add-On skills: Alexa has 200+ skills developed by 3rd party developers. So I can order Domino’s Pizza or play Dr.Who trivia games. That I hope will come for Google Home soon.
  4. Personality from parent brand: Each has unique focus tied to their creator brands. Alexa adds things to Amazon shopping list and plays from Prime Music.. Google Home advises about traffic and schedules using Google Assistant setup for other Google devices and apps. 
  5. Still Learning: Both are learning voice recognition and look like toddlers in my kitchen ready to please me who throw tantrums when they don’t understand what I am saying.
On on Medium, I blogged "Introducing Machinebots: Alexa welcomes Google Home".
Here I shared my vision for the home to become an intelligent machine developing cognition, respecting our privacy and sense of safety at home.

"I dream of a more beautiful world than a simplistic one with a talking device giving my family an ad-like experience personalizing our home using our own data."

Hope you enjoy the reading. Tell me what other intelligent machine should I interview next.
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