Sunday, August 22, 2010

Trends in social commerce

I enjoyed presenting Social Commerce Trends to Social DevCamp Chicago last week to an awesome roomful of audience.

here is the presentation as I promised to share! Let me know any other trends, companies shaping social commerce.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

First 25 hour summary of IOSDevCamp - awesome community innovation!!!

I am very thrilled to bring a quick summary of the awesome energy and excitement of Iphone and Ipad developers from IOSDevCamp, a project my team has been involved to foster community driven innovation.

Iosdevcamp is the 5th in a row of IphoneDevcamps organized by a non-profit group of four community leaders - Raven Zachery, Dom Sagella, Christopher and Whurley. It is hosted at PayPal campus (where I proudly work) this weekend Aug 20-22.

300 developers are charged with amazing ideas, forming teams and working hard to build 40+ awesome applications with 55 hours to launch tomorrow night.

Here is a montage of the kickoff from friday night kickoff!

Today I hosted a BlogTalkRadio show with Raven Zachery of IOSDevCamp, Naveed Anwar and Edwin Aoki of PayPal and met a flow of developers who stopped by and shared awesome ideas they were working on! Daniel Bru who is the most inspiring teenager I've met ustreamed the show live too!

Come join us tomorrow (Sunday Aug 22nd) 2 to 4pm as the IOSDevCamp opens the door for friends and family to join us for free to watch and support the launch of the awesome applications to show a sneak peak into awesome future apps and startups in the mobile world!!!

If you are far away, you can watch the live stream on the site or watch the twitter stream here.