Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Cognitive IoT: Business Junction of IoT and AI

Talks: Business Disruption of IoT and AI

Cognitive IoT is the junction of IoT and AI. Now what does the business of Cognitive AI look like?

I presented just on this topic at EBusiness 2016 in Siam Technology College, Thailand on Nov 17th 2016. 

Here’ my video on demand of my keynote.

What is at the Business Junction of IoT and AI?

There are business opportunities with Robots, Drones, Bots and Algorithms.
I have grouped these as
  1. Social Robots: These engage with consumers and impact Connected Home, Hospitality industry, Hospitals, Airports, and customer service in general
  2. Industry : Robots used in Industry for manufacturing, security, supply chain.
  3. Chatbots: These are everywhere — Travel, mainly customer service via messenger or any app, My favorite is Amy from of course! New to medical is Melody chatbot from Baidu.
  4. Deep Learning Algorithms: I separate these from chatbots becuase they mine lots of data look for patterns to help predict diseases to augment medical experts.
  5. Drones: This is most lucrative of businesses with PwC estimating $127 Billion from Drone as a Service by 2020. They support infrastructure, transportation, Agriculture and Security by flying in rugged terrains and surveillance from came
  6. Autonomous Vehicles: Self-driving cars, platooning trucks of Europe and auxiliary computer vision businesses such as civilmaps are disrupting the future.
  7. Mixed Reality: This is Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality added to a live experience. Amusement Park rides augmented to make the experience more thrilling, Robotic surgery or machine maintenance all lend itself to impact Entertainment, Movies, Healthcare and Industry.

Machine Learning Challenges and Business Risks

Machine Learning is picking up momentum, but there is ways to go to ensure unbiased data, representing tribal knowledge of each industry in data, machines learning social nuances and many more.

The business user should look at their risk about data governance, and algorithmic accuracy that is applicable for their industry when deploying intelligent machines.
Overall I see lots of opportunities and the disruption is real. Companies will need to build out their Cognitive IoT solutions into Intelligent Machines aware of the data problems while mitigating business risks.

Do you use any of the Cognitive IoT in your business? Do you see it as a new innovation or a serious disruption? Are they more challenges or risks than I am outlining here? Can’t wait to hear your thoughts in comments and highlights.

Sudha Jamthe can be seen chasing self-driving cars and taking selfies with Robots in Silicon Valley when she is not teaching IoT Business at Stanford Continuing Studies. You can see her interviews with intelligent machines in Machinebots YouTube channel or get her newsletter at