Sunday, May 08, 2005

Why hear it from me?

I met 120 people and raised $1Million in 40 days (in Feb 2000) , built a wonderful team of 20 people and a great Mobile product with a little short of million users and several corporate and web business customers, hired and fired employes, built a developers network of 50 Palm OS companies, raised a Series B of 5MM (got term sheet didn't close) and decided to scale down operations, changed direction from a consumer ASP business to a Server product company, signed new corporate customers revenues and finally closed the company after 3 years.

I am working on my second startup an ecommerce and scheduling system to help Charities in India by selling greeting cards made by kids and women in Indian charity organization to be scheduled to be sent to friends families or orphans in India.

I have danced on the shoulder of giants
I struggled at every stage to get neccessary documents, learn the nesscessary terminologies, validate every risk I was taking with hep from several well-wishers and always got help. I owe it to several modest, successful, busy people who found the time and interest to stop and listen to me and help me.

Here, I plan to share my experience and learnings to help starting a startup and finding the enteprenuer in you and to let you know its worth it just for the ride not to mention , I want to make a place to share those advice and templates people have been locating me on linkedin :-))


Anonymous said...
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I completely agree with everything you have printed here.

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