Monday, May 01, 2006

Selling startups - who can help

Selling a startup is a HUGE topic. Lets talk about initial planning steps for selling a startup.

I volunteer as an expert at and answer questions in the VC and Entrepreneur section. Since I answered this same question twice in different context this week, I'd thought I'd share some broker companies I know.

These are companies who have brokers with relationship with buyers and can sell your startup for a fee.

1. CA based Business Team
2. Boston based Boutique firm, specializing in Internet businesses ebizbroker

I recently spoke to a passionate entrepreneur who has a cool startup. He was so focused in his space that, what I saw as potential buyers were not in his radar and he valued his firm much lesser thinking of potential buyers from his industry only.

I'd suggest talking to one of these firms just to check the exit option of your startup. Some can sell technologies from as less as $100K to couple millions $$$.

It may help to see the perspective of some potential buyers. You may be able to get strategic directions to scale your company to increase your valuation by talking to some of these brokers.

Like everything in the startup world, its about relationships. So, meeting a broker before you need one will make them call you with lucrative options when you are not looking, which puts you in the best position to negotiate and get the best offer when you are ready.

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