Thursday, June 08, 2006

BarCamp Boston - a conference with enterpreneurial energy

Loved BarCamp Boston, learnt a lot from several sessions, but best of all was the enterpreneurial energy!

Monster Lab, the sponsors, were great, and true to the unconference, they did not market their wares but helped a lot with food, organization and friendly smiles.

I'll write about the various enterpreneuers and what I liked in the coming days.

I loved Ray Deck's talk about bootstrapping and want to write about it here.

Ray is a modest serial enterprenuer since 97 on his 4th startup

Bootstrapping means putting ones one money to get a startup funded for most people. I remember my early days after college when I was involved in Bootstrapping OS, particularly, in Sequoia systems with fault tolerant proprietary OS.

Many enterpreneurs I speak to on a daily basis have one thing in common - for them bootstapping is to get started, but they have nowhere to pass the funding of their startups to. So they loop for a long time spending their own monies building their business looking for funding to scale it to next level.

I like two things about Ray's presentation:
1. Very logical layout of a business in terms of its components with practical advice for the new enterpreneuer
2. Very positive presentation focusing on answers
3. Clearly brought out the opportunity cost of the founders time which most enterpreneurs forget.

More on these later.


profvarma said...

I read through the whole of it. Very intersting indeed. In fact I have been looking for such real desciptons from real people.

I have just started one Management Institute in INDIA.In fact I was mulling over the idea of approaching a VC . These articles have reallly given me some idea of the realthings about venture funding.
Thank you

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