Friday, August 24, 2007

Animoto - Making videos in 5 minutes Awesome

Found this cool technology to make videos so easily in 5 minutes!

A new startup Animoto, based out of NY has come with a cool technology.

Its child play - What is video - you pick some pictures, add some music mix them, make the pictures move and become a video! Add 15 pictures and in 5 minutes you get a video!

Awesome!!! Personally I was prepared for funky UI and no help and Animoto pleasantly surprised me. Its clean UI, seamless experience with decent help message on the side.

I emailed them and got good support response too.

You can see the depth of thinking behind the technology and productizing it. They offer the choice to use your own images, or pick it up from Flickr or anywhere on the web. They allow you to post the video on any blog or myspace etc. I am going to add this to my Facebook for sure!

Only limitation now is that they seamlessly log into my Flickr account but don't allow me to pickup public Flickr pictures to make a video. Appears more a decision not to get to get into copyright issues!

They have free 30 sec video (you can get a feel for BarCamp with this video), or you can upgrade to make longer movies. They allow private sharing of videos or uploading for public sharing. Intutive interface instead of the standard public and private views! They have teasers of what all is coming in the pipeline so you can take the video to your ipod or burn a CD I guess.

Animoto has great promise, has lot of startup energy, smells of success and fun. Sure viral play, so we are going to see a lot of Animotos soon. Enjoy!


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