Thursday, October 11, 2007

Structured and Open Web leading to Interconnected Open Social Graphs

I followed a Curious George trail starting from this good story about the Structured Web from my facebook newsfeed, from a shared link posted byDave McClure.

I liked the article, the last line said "liked this article Digg it" and I Digged it. Digg asked me to login to my Digg account and I did. I saw a "Blog It" link and clicked on expecting to see several steps to select my type of blog, select the actual blog and then post it with some of my original words ....

Guess what, thats it! Digg had this blog URL linked (guess I must have provided it sometime). The blog post was created, and because I've setup this blog to import into my Facebook notes, you see it on facebook.

I am impressed at how seamless it was and see this as an example of how we can build a connected web as sites(what will they be called when Web3.0 is called something else ;-)) build connected services upon each other's APIs to let users exhibit their natural behavior seamlessly, be it sharing content (like this example) by blogging or perform transactions across sites or encourage their discovery on the web.

What comes in the Way?
What comes in the way is the incentive for businesses to build an Open web.

The Open Social Graph panel discussion from day before still keeps ringing in my mind. I blogged it live here.

Offering APIs to provide integrated services benefits businesses. Most APIs today allow users to bring in their profiles and addressbooks from other services to migrate to their new site and help themself grow. eg links to find friends from your y! or gmail or accounts.

Chamath of Facebook eloquently put Facebook's dream's loftier than Google "We want all social information to flow through facebook and
reach the whole world", which means a 2-way flow not the one-way platform as we know Facebook platform today.

Joseph Smarr of Plaxo did an awesome job translating what how each nuanced reply from the panelists meant to the user. The panel stopped short of moving to any possible action to open to make a truly Open Social Graph.

Its a huge entreprenerial opportunity for new ideas from big and small companies alike and I am charged, excited and restless and a little lost.

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