Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bay Area Facebook Meetup Feb08 @ Google Summary

Wow Folks, Thank You for taking the time to make our Feb Meetup @ Google such a huge success.

Its high time I summarize the meeting as I promised with all the videos for those who could not make it within the 170 people limit. Next time I need some volunteers to help with the videos, please let me know if you can help.

Date: Feb 13, 6.30 to 9.30pm Location: Google (Thank You Elizabeth for the food, and all the professional logistics) Logistics: John Lin and Hiren Patel, the event ran smoothly only because of your help, thanks Guys!

Pictures from the event are on facebook here, please tag yourself and your friends.


We started with OpenSocial Update from Patrick Chanezon, his slides are here.
Google would love to get your feedback about this event so take a survey here.

  • Dave McClure announced App Nite @ Graphing Social Pattern, you get 50% off if you signup for these awards as a developer. Check it out!
  • Mitch Levy shared marketing meetup info where Jason Alba, author of "I am on Facebook, What Next" was presenting. Cool Book, worth your time.
  • Waleed and Alexander announced Weekend Apps, its not too late, come tonite to see the launch of new apps that were created this weekend.

  • Facebook Entrepreneurs, cool Demos and Experiences (video pending for first 3 demos, will update, I have a huge video of all 3 demos which Google video is unable to upload)
    1. Frengo - Mobile API for Facebook:

    Mahi De Silva showed Flirtable App and presented "Frengo", a new Mobile API for Facebook Apps which is in use at RockYou and Slide (will get video soon as soon I can upload or break it into smaller ones)

    2. Social Mints - a new micro payment system for facebook Apps.

    I launched my new Facebook App Social Mints and demoed it with my partner Sumit Gupta. We showed Puzzle Bee, which is one of 26 apps of Thebroth network of Apps and King of Vegas, from SocialGears. Both Apps use Social Mints to allow 1 click purchase of points @ $1 or 100 mints.

    3. Listmania - Subbu Subramanim did an engaging presentation sharing his experience of building and launching a Facebook App. Is it a myth that you can scale users easily using Facebook Apps, what are the lessons for new developers.

    4. Intelligentsia - Raymond Rouf (video) presented a new IQ App for Facebook. Very cool! See how smart you are compared to your friends with enjoyable puzzle questions. He uses SocialMints to allow users to use mints to get the correct answer.

    5. IMO.IM - video pending, a cool Social IM App demo. This was an impromptu demo by Ralph Harik and Praveen Krishnamurthy.

    6. Social.IM - Building an App outside of Facebook
    Yanda Erlich presented (video) a cool software to chat with your facebook friends and manage all your facebook alerts like wall posts, messages etc. What was cool about this presentation was that Yanda shared his experience in calling Facebook from outside of Facebook and how he tackled those problems creatively.

    7. Skiwithme -
    Vikas Gupa of Jambool (video) amazed us with his demo and sharing his experience of building user generated content using facebook Apps. He has an authentic list of ski resorts better than any place on the web, created by his users.

    His slides are here.

    Wow Folks, this is hard to capture, but we finished all presentations by 8.40pm and hung in there till 10pm when Google security had to herd us out. This part was fun to meet 170 people, learn about stealth mode projects, brainstorm with Dave about the future Social Media on the web ....

    Next Meeting: Its mid Mar, 19th Mar (tentative date to be confirmed shortly) @ AOL, Mountainview. Please join our Facebook Group and Meetup site to stay in touch.

    If you would like to demo your app, please ping me on facebook. See you all!
    Please use Flickr tag: bayareafbmeetup for your pictures or just share on facebook and tag everyone.


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