Sunday, November 16, 2008

CodeCamp - Scaling Platform w Bebo, Sun and Yahoo

CodeCamp was an unconference for 1300 developers in Foothill College on Sat and Sun Oct 8/9 and it ROCKED!!!

Kudos to Van and Peter and all the volunteers for excellent organization! They had lined up sponsors for food, coffee etc and ran on time.

Charged crowd, many volunteered and were excellent audience with tons of Q&A

I moderated a panel on Sat Scaling Platform - panel with Bebo, Sun and Yahoo

My job was so easy, CodeCamp had this cool Confett chat room so audience kept asking me questions and chatting live. ok! I admit it made me look like a total geek with my laptop onstage!

Steve Cohen of Bebo presented Lightspeed mVC framwork, charged the room about Bebo's scale story. 400Mil pageviews daily on 120 servers, using Resin and single Java container! Wow!

Tom of Y! talking presented YOS. He spoke about YQL for normalized data via web services. Discussion is about silo of data.

Marina Fisher of Sun presented Sun technologies Opensolaris and Glassfish.

Scaling Platform Panel from CodeCamp - Sun from sujam on Vimeo.

The panel discussion:

It was a very lively discussion.

Steve has fun Java stories! Yes bebo is build using Java.


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