Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Craig Newmark on User Generated Content and Mobile + Social Panel - Day 1 User Generated Content Expo UCGX09

Craigslist's KeyNote on User Generated Content

I listened to Craig's keynote on Day 1 of at the User Generated Content Expo 2009 in San Jose Feb 9 and 10.

Here's part of the video

Craig Newmark story from UGCX09 - part 2 from sujam on Vimeo.

part 3 -nice lively q&a ( I need to find a way to get all q&a videos clips edited together and will update here later)

My Summary:
  • Culture of participation
  • Had no clue about branding just used common sense and did the right thing, just treat the customer like how you would like to be treated.
  • Realized he was not a manager and found a CEO
  • Repeat emphasis that this is not altustic
  • Paranoid of not listening enough to customers
  • Really enjoys listening to customers and let the community drive itself.
  • Amazing honesty. Tied his experience to Obama campaign and grassroots movement for us to participate in Government.
Mobile and Social Panel: Beyond the Desktop: Social Content goes Mobile

Excellent mix of panelists, experts across the mobile spectrum.

Moderator: Adam Hirsch, COO, Mashable
Speakers: Philip Miano, National Sales Director, Third Screen Media
Eric Litman, Chairman & CEO, Medialets
Bryan Barletta, Associate Editor, Mediabistro.com
Jonathon Linner, CEO, Limbo

Full Panel video (not including q&a) - (I'll update here once the video is ready on vimeo)

See my Summary from my tweets I did during the event. (I am adding it as a screenshot, pl let me know if you know how to show the twitter search results as a widget here)

Exhibits were 5-6 tables. I saw an interesting company ConnectBeam at the Exhibit Booth.
They make enterprise social software, particularly making it easy to find information posted in profiles/tags inside enterprise searchable using google, exisiting wiki, integrating all the different social apps, thereby saving $$$ by knowledge sharing inside a company. Worth checking!!!

Overall User Generated Content has fresh conference content, excited audience and I left wishing I could stay longer or return on Day 2 too!


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