Sunday, May 02, 2010

A Cone of Ice Cream leads to Community Innovation, How Sweet!

Friday night I joined StartupWeekend mixer at PayPal to pickup a cone of icecream from @treatbot (yes a tweeting ice cream truck).

I had been privileged to work with the StartupWeekend team to host them at PayPal campus and was ready for icecream, and ready for 150 geeks to come together brainstorm ideas, form teams and build and launch cool apps within the weekend.

Naturally, I asked Ryan who was at the icecream truck why he was asking for cash and not taking PayPal. He said he was waiting for the Ipad with 3G and wanted a point of sale app to accept Payment and would love it to be PayPal. What I did next led to a cascade of activities and here I am!

What did I do, I did what comes to me naturally!

I tweeted!

PayPal has a team of people who had volunteered to support the event on campus and got excited by the energy and decided to build their own app and were brainstorming ideas.

They saw the tweet and decided to build it. If a customer wanted it that is what they would build!

Here I am sitting at the final day demos. The PayPad was born here and here's the demo.

The team came together, learned Ipad programming, and built and thought through how to get a storefront for a customer on the Ipad.

Here's to you @treatbot!!! Are you ready to beta this?


newbiemommyCS said...

It was a pleasure to meet you Sudha! We are ecstatic to be a small part of your inspiration to create this app. We look forward to crossing paths with you again very soon. I see this as making it very possible for small business owners to become tech savvy. It is groundbreaking if you ask me. Kudos and much love to all who are working on this creation.

Christine Sebastian, Co-owner of @Treatbot.

Rana Singh said...

Hello Sudha,

Found your blog. Very interesting posts. I am with Opson, Inc. in Santa Clara working on several Social Media projects. Let us connect sometime. My email is rana at opson . com.

Thank you!

Rana Singh

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