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Updated 3/12: Sudha's Guide to Geekdom at SXSW 2011

I want to share my list of geekiest tech activities at SXSW as I am making sense of it all. So all your own suggestion in the comment if you think I am missing something cool!

My own panel is on Sat at 3.30pm at The Hyatt with the awesome Dave Peck (details below). Hope I'll see you there, else ping me on Twitter. I plan to be at Tweethouse friday evening and livestream interesting peeps at PayPalX #Livebytes channel, so let me know about interesting people to cover!!! Best way to reach me is Tweet me @sujamthe

Sudha's Recommended List of SXSW sessions and talks (not all parties covered)
Thurs 3/10

7pm: Girls in Hack e 6th St, Austin, TX

3/11 Friday:

2 to 5pm Tweet House Sponsored by Chevrolet from (several panels) then party at 5pm by Steve Broback at 501 Studios – 501 I-35, Austin, TX, 78702
9pm American Express Presents the Tweet House After Dark” party will feature iPad D.J. Rana Sobhany (I've heard @rana at Iosdevcamp last summer she is awesome) (#chevytweethouse, #sxsw details:

3/12 Saturday:

9.30am: iPad Design Headaches (2 Tablets, Call in the morning) by Josh CLark, OReilly author at Salon J, Hilton
11am: Abeywickrema, Punsri at panel: The New Sharing Economy at Hilton (500 East 4th St) Salon K
11am: Banks: Innovate or Die by Bob Weinschenk of Smartpigs, Rob Garcia of LendingClub, Brett King Author Bank2.0 at Hilton,Salon F/G
11am: Startup America, Reducing Barriers by our USA CTO Aneesh Chopra at AT&T Conf Center Grand Ballroom, 1900 Univ Ave.
11am: The King of Lean Startup at AT&T Conf Center by McClure, Scoble, Stacy Higginbottom Room 2.04
12.30pm: The Lean Startup Pirate Metrics by Dave McClure AT&T Conf Center Room 2.04
12pm: Surviving Hockeystick Growth by Reddit founder Alex Ohanian at Hilton Salon AB
12.30pm: Why can't startups and brands play nice? by Charlie Taylor, GM Digital Marketing, Volkswagon Jay Adelson Hilton Salon C

3.30pm: Building Community Ass: Building Better Influence by Sudha Jamthe (me) and Dave Peck at Hyatt Hill Country CD, 208 Barton Spring Road

5pm: Lurkers, your most important community members at Hyatt, TX Ballroom1 208 Barton Springs Rd
5pm: Flipboard Fad or not by Flipboard CEO Mike McCue and Kara Swisher at Radisson, Town Lake BallRoom, 111 E. Cesar Chavez St
5pm: Welcome to the EGOSystem by Brian Solis at Austin Convention Center, Ballroom D
7pm to midnight - Diggnation Live at Stubb’s - 801 Red River, Austin, TX

Sun 3/13
10am to 4pm: Ebay SpeedHackat Lucent Alcatel Lounge, Room 406 4th floor Hilton
All Day: DogPatch labs Treehouse Pub 501 E.6th Street. Startups go an make a pitch there.
1pm to 6pm: Google Developer event (several sessions) (at Speakeasy 412 Congress Ave at w 5th · Austin, Texas

5pm: Boston in Austin Tweetup at Fado at 214 W 4th (updated new)
7pm to midnight: League of Extraordinary Hackers/SHDH@SXSW by Chris Messina & Boris Smus
10pm+: Red Laser Party with Chromeo

3/14 Mon thru Tues 3/15
From midnight Sunday to Monday Mashable House SXSWi 2001 (public free events )
at Buffalo Billiards, 201 6th Street, Austin, TX 78701

3/14 Monday

BizSpark Startup Accelerator Emceed by Tara Hunt, supported by Frank Gruber's TechCocktail
delivering happiness teaming with Zappos Tony Sheih. Included PayPal developer Yapper as one of the finalist. Judges include many notables.

Tues 3/15
What’s In Your Virtual Wallet at Town Lake Ballroom, Radisson, Town Lake Ballroom by Richard Brewer Haye, Laura Chambers and Red Laser's Rob Veres


Closing remarks: Let me know if I am missing any event thats a must-attend and I'll add it here.

Check RBH (@ebayinkblog) schedule of SXSW here


Peeps I am adding new events as I hear from you here!

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