Wednesday, October 07, 2015

IoT Disruptions and weekly "The IoT Show"

My book "IoT Disruptions" has been live on Amazon Kindle Store now for 5 months. Yay!

Thank You for joining me in this mode to research, learn and educate about the evolving innovations in Internet of Things with my weekly "The IoT Show".

The IoT Show

Watch here @sujamthe

I host the show weekly to cover an indepth analysis of a topic in Internet of Things space. I livestream on YouTube, Periscope on Twitter and on Google Hangout.

Topics covered include:

Data Science & IoT with Ajit Jaokar of Oxford/UK
iBeacon Living Lab, Amsterdam
Power of Sensors with Sense360, LA
Audi TT Brochure Hack with Rajorfish Germany
IoT Accelerators with Damir Čaušević of Starcube, CZ
IoT Innovations & Hackathon with Neal Shyam NY
Home Automation and Connected Homes
Productizing IoT Challenges with Kolibree, London
IoT Are People and IoT and AI with Jim Hunter and Ahmed Banafa

Ping me on Twitter if you are/know someone who can join as a guest on The IoT Show.


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