Friday, May 26, 2006

Entrepreneurs self managed online community

I am a big fan of online communities.

I founded Web-net, a user group with monthly meetings at Sloan school in 96, in the early days of the web where we invited startups to market validate their ideas. I've been part of an online chat community along with Richard Seltzer with weekly online chats to understand business trends of the web. We've resurrected this as a blogchat with the same interactive netizens.

I talk to about 10 people per month about startup ideas and help make the next step as a followup to this blog. In most cases, I am not the expert, I just think creatively and find the source or contact to help them move ahead.

I am wondering what do people think of building an entreprenuer community online, one that can help each other based on past experience. I recently discovered which is an online community of registered users who can post any question or article.

There are several mailing lists I am part of like Harvard startups, which are very active and have a wealth of accumulated knowledge from the past which is called upon and shared on a daily basis. Like that for entreprenuers, but an online presence!

I am thinking more in the lines of a wiki where its a self managed community.
Let me know your thoughts on this and if you'd like to participate in such a community online.

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