Thursday, April 24, 2008

What MySpace Knows by Steve Pearman (MySpace)

Web 2.0 Expo has these 5 minute segments on "What a company knows". I am live blogging the Myspace 5 min segment.

Steve Pearman started as a Product Manager then head of Products and now SVP of Product Strategy at Myspace. He shared stats on scale of Myspace.

Steve was personable and very sincere and did justice to his 5 minutes. Looks like Myspace is serious about listening to users and managing spam, we need to watch out!

Privacy, Spam controlled from developers and users are the major user concerns.
On what lessons learned from community building on myspace:
  • Vibrant communities allow for self expression
  • Operating community is difficult and more difficult by scale
  • Live and die by goodwill and participation of community, never as good as them.
  • Listen to community. How?
  • Community tells you indirectly - 10Bil structured public data, millions of comments, directly users tell Tom.
  • Major changes, Tom posts blog and gets user feedback.
  • Check your ego at the door.


MySpace Design said...

Interesting. MySpace really needs to listen to users. MySpaces platform has a lot going against it. Facebook recently passed it as the most used social networking website. Not being compatible with googles new social technology is going to be a big issue as more and more people incorporate this technology into websites.

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