Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Social Media Marketing from Social Summit Conference SF

I went to SF city to start an interesting work project in the afternoon and decided to stop by at the Social Media Summit at Moscone West on Oct 1st.

I believe if I meet an interesting person or learn one thing new, my time at a conference is well-earned, but today I found both!

Social Media according to Charlene Li

I have followed Charlene Li and seen her only at big screens from a distance in conferences and today I missed her keynote before I came in and heard many references to her talk.

Then I met her!
She has a gift for articulating the essence of key technologies and their business impact. She spoke about Social Media and why it is important for marketing.

Shel Israel's new Twitter Book

I found Shel Israel is working on a new book about twitter. He was ready to talk about "Conversations" and not about "Brand Extensions".

I attended a session by Eric of Ticketmaster about extending a brand to social media.

It was by far the best presentation I have seen summarizing real life experience of extending an existing brand to social media.

Erik Hom of Ticketmaster at Social Media Summit 08 in SF from sujam on Vimeo.

I work with Demo conference advising them on extending their brand to social media and you have seem my tweets, friendfeed, facebook fan page, youtube videos all from demofall!

Eriks talk summary:

Erik gave a very structured talk for all aspects of extending your brand.
What I liked best was that he was unassuming and shared his real experience of executing on it.

Ticketmaster partnered with ilike and added it to their site to create user engagement. They tried facebook apps, twitter etc with lot of applications built based on real business case.

Their facebook apps did not yield results. Twitter was successful as their affiliates adapted it and found it useful to get real time stats faster than their existing system.

Erik was very clear that his focus was all on real business goals. Users know and related to ticketmaster as a brand but come visit twice a year on average and his goal was to create social conversations to increase that to 4 times a year.


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