Friday, October 31, 2008

SNAP Summit 08 SF Roundup

Its a good event if it still lingers on in the background of your mind as you get closer to the weekend. Snap Summit 2008 was one such 1-day event packed with good content - all focused on the entrepreneurs and tech geeks in the valley.

The Organizers!

Cassie is an energy ball and Christian Perry is the well prepared partner with questions for every session in case there is a lull in the audience, which was very rare.

Lets talk about the talks

I moderated the first panel of the day about Critical User Mass.
  • We had interesting discussions about arriving at critical mass of users for different types of sites.
  • Rockyou's Eric Yieh and Siqi Chen of "Friends For Sale" were focused on building metrics from the start.
  • Anil Dharni of Hi5 shared lot of good examples about scaling to different markets and focusing on engaged users different from new users.
  • Stephen Hood of Delicious said Critical Mass is not a discrete position but one thats ongoing and shared how delicious focuses on users and is still growing @ 5.2Musers. Delicious was at 300K users during the Y! acquisition.

Next, Max Engel of Myspace gave an excellent presentation about Data Availability.

Heres my qik stream (its starts with zooming in on my panelists and Mr.SocialMedia Dave McClure, and then I sat for the Myspace talk). Myspace is commited to adapting open standards like openid, xrds-simple, oauth, portablecontacts and opensocial

Lets talk about the talks

I attended part of Gordon Peters' "Monetize User Generated Content, which spawned excellent discussions. Panelists were: Seth Goldstein; CEO, SocialMedia, Andrew Chen and Michael Burke of Appssavvy.

Interesting to note in this video is the conflicting advice from the panelists about how to survive the current economy!

Todd Fast, CTO of Zembly gave an arresting presentation about Zembly.

Dave Morin presented Facebook Connect and made a clean case for it!

This was followed by an excited audience Q&A

Julie Craft gave a workshop about Offerpal

Part 1 here -

Offerpal made the point about monetization well by pulling together a panel of three app developers - Markus Weichselbaum of the new KickAss App and Nick of Make-a-Baby app

Ah The Audience!

The audience energy talks about the event and it was excellent.

Tim Burks of iphone meetup was excited about the conference.


Overall a day well spent! Social, apps, and consumer user generation with cool tech products are all in!

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